tisdag 1 februari 2011

Den briljante dr Mezmer

Empiricism: Philosophical doctrine that all we know comes from our senses. Unfortunately, we can make sense of what we sense only by combining our senses with representations from other senses, thus making knowledge into seeming non-sense.

In other words, because we don't think literally but metaphorically, meaning is often confused and communication doubly so. Take consciousness for example. It can be raised, lowered, expanded, out of body, embodied, charged, discharged or zoom out of this world. It's still one thing for all of us, but different things for any of us, due of course to language, not reality.

As for reality, that remains an empirical question, yet it will remain undefinable, as there are no words that can describe it.

Fler obetalbara definitioner på den smartaste blogg jag hittat (inte för att jag brukar jaga sajter, högen med böcker av papper att läsa verkar bara växa.... ) Apropå den svenska adhd-debatten, kolla dr Mezmers fullständiga lustmord på den termen. Från 2008, men så här bra ironi och sarkasm åldras inte.

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