måndag 15 mars 2010

Röst från den nya fysiken

En bra träff när jag letade födelsedatumet på en kvantfysiker av den teleologiska typen, Wolfgang Smith. 

En skärmdumpad, OCR:ad och rättstavad första fråga ur en intervju med honom hittad via Google books:

 Q: What do you think should be the relationship between religion and science?

A: "Science", Einstein once said, "deals with what is religion with what ought to be” - but this is not at all our view. Religion, of course, exists and functions on many levels, as it ought to and must; and in its more familiar manifestations, at any rate, it is in fact largely concerned in one way or another with "what ought to be".

But if we consider the religious phenomenon in its highest forms - as indeed we should if we would understand its essence - the picture changes. For then we find that religion deals not just with ethical norms and human consolations, but with reality, precisely, and that on a level which is normally inaccessible, to say the least This, in any case, is the perennial claim; and I, for my part, can see no sound reason to doubt its validity.

It would seem, therefore, that Einstein’s dictum needs to be revised; it may indeed be religion, taken at its summit, that actually "deals with what is"’, in contrast to science, which by its nature is constrained to deal with "what appears to be" (under conditions stipulated by its own modus operandi).

Strictly speaking, there can be no "dialogue" between science and religion. It is doubtful that the truths of religion can be adequately explained on the level of scientific discourse, any more than a three-dimensional body can be made to fit in a plane; and the attempt is prone to "flatten" and thus destroy the very thing one pretends to render intelligible.

This is typically what takes place, one fears, when so-called religious authorities begin to dialogue. Nothing is in fact more fatal to religion than the pretension to "demythologize" its content.

What the scientist (like everyone else) needs in the face of the religious phenomenon is a profound humility. To understand what religion is one must first of all be religious oneself; the essential thing simply cannot be known from the outside.

Den här kom för övrigt från Amazon.com idag:

Hoppas mycket av dessa 170 sidor. Smith menar att kvantfysiken visst är begriplig (en replik till Nobelpristagaren Richard Feynman), bara man dumpar det materialistiska paradigmet som subtilt distorderar vår förståelse. Går man tillbaka till den gamla grekiska verklighetsuppfattningen blir plötsligt kvantfysiken inte alls så egendomlig. Wolfgang Smith tillhör således samma skola av teleologer som Amit Goswami och Frank Tipler vilka jag nosat lite på.

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