lördag 6 mars 2010

Koincidens & synkronicitet (relativt ny bok)

Bloggen går på sparlåga medan jag ägnar tid åt små kvasi-statistiska astrologistudier på Sideriska siktet. Här hittade jag en bok om synkronicietet som verkar storslagen. Den kom förra året.

Saxar några rader från en topprankad recensent på Amazon.com:
5.0 out of 5 stars An important book, May 21, 2009
By Jim Marion (Washington, DC ,United States)

Robert Perry's "Signs" is an important book, though one suitably written with caution and modesty.

In the Middle Ages, theology was considered the Queen of the Sciences. It consisted principally of the study of a God who ruled the Earth from on high and who was thought to periodically intervene on Earth.

Theology was later dethroned by rationalism and scientism (the belief that the physical universe alone existed and that there were no worlds other than space-time).

A new paradigm is now emerging, one which transcends both former limited visions. I believe that the science of spirituality may eventually become the most important science.

The science of spirituality studies how non-space time (spiritual) realities interact with space-time and those of us who live in space-time.

Per the new science of spirituality, God is not seen as a being separate and apart from space-time or us but as the Supreme Intelligence that guides all evolution from within, including the inner spiritual growth of humans.
Robert Perry - Signs: A New Approach to Coincidence, Synchronicity, Guidance, Life Purpose and God's Plan

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