onsdag 21 juli 2010

Doktorn har ordet

"There is no need to tell the world how you are made [having psychic abilities] because the more you tell the truth the more you are thought a liar. This is inevitable because the truth involves our accepting that there are no human selves but only walking shadows. People hate to be deprived of the weight of their own substance and hate you for discarding your own."

Arthur Guirdham, M.D. - A Foot in Both Worlds - A Doctor's Autobiography of Psychic Experience

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  1. Hej! Uppskattar din blogg. I stora drag är det mina egna tankar. välskrivet. Bra också med inriktningen mot horoskop, I Ching. Stort.
    Har du läst PD. Ouspensky? I så fall "A new model of the universe", som har olika teman i "självständiga" kapitel. Rekommenderas för en som orkar.